Failure Is Necessary: Mistakes are Lessons

Failure is hard to accept and undoubtedly harms the ego. Its impact does not change even though there are lots of stories of failures out there from the most successful people. Everyone handles mishaps differently, and you might not be the one who can easily shrug it off.

The worse thing that can happen is these mistakes stopping you from reaching your full potential. Do not be too hard, and forgive yourself. It will not be the first and last time that you will encounter failures. Along the way in this journey, you will still make bad decisions.

Some people might say that it is not okay to commit mistakes especially if it can affect your life to the extremes. However, you must remember that everything that happens in the world is the result of everyone’s actions and decisions.

You can’t undo things, but you can learn from them and be better. The goal here is not to repeat the same mistake and make sure to have the best life decisions more than the bad ones.

If you are still not convinced yet that failure will help you grow as a person, here are some real-life reminders:

  • Failure urges you to learn – when you fail, it is normal to be afraid to try again. It is so easy to succumb to your inhibitions. However, do you want to stay on the ground? The answer is an obvious no, so there is no other option but to get up. It is okay to be cautious; it means you are learning not to act impulsively and think things through.


  • Failure will send you out of your comfort zone – everyone wants comfort; it can be at home or any convenience outside of it. Who likes to struggle in the first place, right? So there you go, the universe getting you out of the box and in the vast ocean of reality. Failure makes you see things you have not seen before.


  • Failure ignites the fire even brighter – it is human instinct to get up after the fall. It is innate to take revenge when you feel aggravated. However, consider that avenge to better yourself. If failure makes you mad to the world, then show it that you are a phoenix that can burn into ashes and rise again.


  • Failure helps you recognize your weakness – most people do not want to acknowledge their weakness as if it is tabooed. You are human; you have your limits, too. Once you realize what these limitations are; you can work your way on how to overcome it. It is when your weakness can turn into strengths. No one else can do it for you.


  • Failures make you appreciate your success – how many times have you taken things for granted? Everyone is guilty of that, so do not be ashamed of it. By acknowledging these flaws, you are allowing yourself to tend to them. No one is perfect, but everyone can be a little better.

Some lessons are better to experience on your own than to learn it from others. When someone tells you their failures; it is best to remember and do your best not to let it happen to you.

However, there are things that you do not have control over, so learn how to accept the circumstances, too.

How to Be Successful in All Single Aspect of Life

You might have thought that there is a big secret on how to be successful, but there is none. Even scientists have not decoded the mystery of the universe yet. Life is just the same; it is impossible to have the answer to everything.

However, there are possible ways that can make you successful in all aspects of life. Here are some personal experiences of other people that you might carry as your own. Take it as a lesson or advice and apply as you see fit.

Just remember that there is no right way of living; you are living a different circumstance from everybody else. You have your own beliefs and principles, but opening up your mind and heart into these things is not bad, either.

Do Not Spend So Much Time in Your Head

How many times have you caught yourself daydreaming on a daily basis? Are you the person who thinks more than you act?

Sure, successful people may have the best ideas out there that made them succeed. Albert Einstein had probably lived inside his head most of the time, too. The thing is: success is more than just a mere idea and concept; it needs actions and implementation.

Use your thoughts and ideas to create something. Writers have lots of plots going on inside their heads, but these won’t turn into words on its own accord. So, the writers take the pen or their laptops and then write these stories down.

Astronomers probably dream of the universe every night, but when they are awake, they do the work. It is how it must be done; thoughts and actions should go hand in hand.

Be Grateful and Don’t Complain

Success is not just about having the best career you have visualized for yourself. It is not just about the material things. It is great if you already feel accomplished and content with what you have. Now, the question is: how are you dealing with people around you? Do you still look up at the sky and celebrate the good weather?

Often, successful people are deemed as busy people, and that is true to some extent. If you want to be successful in all aspects of life, do not forget your loved ones. Spend some quality time with these people whenever you can.  Take time to enjoy your surroundings, have a walk, or ride your bike. Do not forget to be grateful as you appreciate nature; look around because there is so much to see.

Moreover, successful people act more than they complain. It is beneficial to rant once in a while if that is how you cope with stress. But, remember that complaining is another form of exerting energy. Would you rather spend that effort towards it than in something that can help you succeed?

The trick is if you can’t do something about it, just do not say anything. You would not know if the people who can hear can find it problematic. Of course, you would not want that impression on you, right? You probably do not want to listen to lots of complaints, too, because it ruins the mood.

Successful people know how to stop and take a break from all things work-related. They know how to value other people’s worth and time. They are always grateful and loving.

Do you feel successful now? You should be!

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